Interior Design Shopping Services

Are you looking to furnish your Connecticut home? All About Interiors in West Hartford, CT can help!

If you need professional assurance making sensible purchases, we offer assistance with shopping for furnishings, fixtures, finishes or fabrics either for you or with you. A consultation is based on an hourly fee. Contact us today.


Building or renovating a home is not an effortless task. Many decisions need to be made each essential in creating the home’s overall style and value. Homeowners are faced with many deadlines and often become overwhelmed and procrastinate or worse, make rush decisions that result in costly mistakes or disappointment.

All About Interiors can assist a homeowner during the procedure of choosing finishes and fixtures for their home so they can make the right choices in a timely manner. Melanie will handle this vital and time–consuming task and convert it into a speedy and well thought-out process that helps you stay on deadline so you can focus on what you do best, and move efficiently on to something else.


Is it time to redecorate your home?

We would love to show you how you can benefit from our interior design services. Contact us today and schedule an in home consultation.