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The latest trends in new home design are intriguing home buyers to think twice before purchasing a new home.  Find out what these trends are and what would best suit you!  Below Eric Jones writes tells us about several homes that are not only super functional but timeless too.  A huge thank you to Eric for introducing us to some wonderful options in home design.

The Perfect Place for Families!

For families who are in search of a perfect place where they can unwind, relax, and have fun, then the Riviera home is the kind of house they’re looking for. The master bedroom is located at the front of the home and here, you can enjoy the walk-in closet, dressing area, and let’s not forget the ensuite with the twin vanity and an oversized shower that’s perfect for the ladies It’s carefully designed, in order to ensure a cozy living ambiance. Aside from that there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to enjoy privacy, family sharing, and the space all together. Furthermore, there’s also a retreat located near the three bedrooms, and it’s cleverly situated just next to the living room. For entertainment purposes, there’s also a home theatre located toward the front of the abode. Kitchen lovers would find the gourmet kitchen quite appealing as it features a butler’s pantry, as well as the island bench that overlooks the open plan as well as the dining areas. Lastly, situated from the main living area via sling door is an outdoor living that’s ideal for those who often entertain a lot of guests.
The Timeless and Comfortable Home for the Whole Family

Those who are wondering what an ideal family living really feels like, then the Montpellier design will let them experience it. It’s a thoughtful design that offers functionality and class at the same time. It features a spacious double storey floor plan that answers the needs of all family members. Likewise, it’s ideal for those who already has a family, because there are four bedrooms– a master and 2 minutes bedrooms that include multiple living areas, as well as ensuites. For relaxation and unwinding purposes, there’s a sunken lounge that strategically located near the entrance. This serves as a perfect place for those who want to enjoy nature within the comfort of their humble abode. Likewise, the spacious home also encourages studying and working from home, because it can also inspire you to let the creative juices fall out. As for the gourmet kitchen, it includes a massive walk-in pantry, as well as a versatile island bench that overlooks the living, dining, and undercover outdoor living areas. Upstairs, there’s a massive master bedroom complete with private balcony that overlooks the entrance. No doubt, it’ll be the perfect place for those who want a bedroom with a huge vanity closet. Overall, we can say that Montpellier is a comfortable and timeless family home for everyone to enjoy.

A Home That’s Both Functional and Stylish
Everyone would love to live in a house that’s versatile, stylish, and has a fully optimized appeal. The master bedroom is situated at the front of the home and it has a walk-in robe, with a huge shower and twin vanity Feeling like a chef? Then the gourmet kitchen would be perfect for you. It’s cleverly designed and has an access from the main hall. Likewise, it also has an oversized bench that’s perfect for casual entertaining, while the butler pantry can easily be hidden from the main kitchen space. No doubt, the Chelsea 23 is a relaxing abode that’s both functional and stylish– have a peaceful slumber in one of the three bedrooms and entertain yourself yourself by watching your favorite flicks in the home theater.

Guest Post by Eric Jones a writer and blogger with strong passion in writing for various topics such as Real Estate, Home Improvements, Home décor, Lifestyle and lot more.

Interior Design 101: How To Make Your Home A Happier Place


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Interior design isn’t just a lofty and expensive way to show off. It’s really more of a method of updating your house to make you feel better about it. The right design can add a lot of character to a space and give it its own mood, so you can add a personal touch. It lets you get more out of the best parts of your house and put a new twist on rooms that you don’t use as much. In this post, we’ll talk about some ways to give your home a happy and welcoming feel with a few simple interior design tips.


Color is one of the most noticeable parts of any room. There are two main sources of color: the walls, ceiling, and floor which form the boundaries of the room, and the furniture and objects in the room itself. Both of these sets of color sources interact in interesting ways. It’s usually easier to repaint a room than to get whole new sets of furniture and curios, but it all depends on your goals for a certain space.

Colors do a lot to set the mood. Brighter colors are uplifting, but might be garish if you overuse them. Darker colors can be somber, but also thoughtful or meditative. Think about what you want a room to be and arrange the colors to build that mood. You can use items like pillows and sheets to add more color. Coordinated color in a room can transform its feel, so just switching a duvet cover in a bedroom, for example, can refresh the whole room.


Modern furniture comes in several different styles, even aside from its color. The first thing to know is that furniture can really hold value, and you will get a lot more enjoyment out of good-quality furniture pieces. If you will be using them a lot, you want them to be comfortable and stylish. It is also better if they match in some way. They do not need to be a set, but having similar styles and color schemes goes a long way in creating an overall theme for the room. Whether it’s a home office, bedroom, living room, dining room, or any other kind of space, the furniture both defines its function and takes up a significant amount of the space in the room. That’s why it merits special care and attention- well-designed and high-quality furniture is quite striking, while one bad piece can bring down the atmosphere. That’s not to say that old or cheap furniture is always a bad thing- an old but charming armchair or sofa can bring a lot of character. But it needs to be done right, because if the piece starts to look too sloppy, it affects the whole room.


People never appreciate lighting. Having a lot of natural light makes a huge difference in an interior space, and making use of the light through strategic choices of furniture and arrangements of display items will do a lot for the room. There are some practical concerns, like not letting too much light fall on furniture because it can affect the fabric, avoiding glare, and taking into account the way sunlight affects temperature. But with a few exceptions, just about everything looks good in natural light, and windows open up the room to the outside. Think about adding skylights– they allow in light in a highly controlled way, you can use shades and blinds to modify the light, and they can become quite dramatic in varied weather conditions.

As long as you keep these tips in mind, you will be in good shape. You need to keep in mind that each room can have its own little atmosphere, and you can also tie several rooms together in order to build a larger theme. It also does not take much to transform a room into something totally different. If you are feeling down about your house, think about making just a few changes that will totally alter how it looks. That’s the key to interior design- getting a lot from a little investment.

For further assistance with decorating, contact All About Interiors for a consultation.

Author of this article, Bob Gorman is a freelance writer and a passionate blogger. He likes writing articles that cover home remodeling and home design topics. He has written numerous articles and contributed to several other blogs. When he is not writing, he spends his time with his four year old son and his wife Lana.

The Latest in Contemporary Homes

For those who are looking for the latest in contemporary homes, look no further!  Container homes have been popping up everywhere as a eco-friendly option for housing.

Contemporary dream: Affordable container home

Tired of all the commotion in the city and want to get away from the streets bustling with people? If you thought of changing your neighborhood, why don’t you consider something more daring – leaving it all behind in pursuit of a unique contemporary home? Container homes are not just a cheap alternative to regular ones, they are much more than that – a small majestic world, offering tranquility, simplicity andcoziness no other living space can provide.

Lego bricks


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At one point, many people decided to recycle the shipping containers and turn them into cheap, eco-friendly and alternative homes. This doesn’t come as a surprise considering the current situation in the housing market and the shabby economic climate. You would be surprised by the level of convenience that can be packed in such a small space. What it takes to make your dreams come true is thinking outside the box – being prepared to move into one at the same time.

Containers offer a stunning diversity that conventional homes don’t. They are versatile enough to withstand harsh weather and climate conditions, and flexible enough to offer various types, shapes and sizes of buildings. You can connect them and create a structure of your choosing, as if you were using giant Lego bricks.

Yes, you can even go for two or more levels, which open up some exciting design opportunities and transcend space limitations. Don’t go overboard, however, and check which approach is the best for construction of a functional home. Once the building process starts, you will notice that it takes much less time compared to homes built with conventional materials and techniques.

A bold statement

To make sure your home is not only practical, but also comfortable you should come up with nice contemporary design ideas. The possibilities are limitless, and it’s a good idea to consult a professional, since these small shelters inspire many interior designers and architects to find imaginative and unique solutions.

What many people want is a modern design – a combination of bold materials and colors that offer a breath of fresh air and enable you to create a nice personal retreat. Don’t shy away from unusual combinations – this is an unconventional home, after all. Think glass and wood don’t go well together? Well, think twice.


Furthermore, note that the lack of space is the only drawback of living in a container house. This means that you shouldn’t bring in too much furniture, and that a minimalistic design steals the show instead of your living space. Make the best use of walls and install some shelves to free up more room. Wood or laminate flooring is recommended instead of dusty carpets that need a lot of cleaning.

The containers don’t look all that appealing from the outside, so make an effort to decorate the exterior as well. Installing a sunshade, for example, will not only keep the cool inside your home, but give it a nice appearance as well. Feel free to paint the container in your favorite color and cut some sections to make cool sliding windows and doors. When all is set, you can begin landscaping the garden and making good use of the environment surrounding your little sanctuary.


Outdoor (1)

Forget about the price tags

One of the most daring and authentic ideas that modern architecture blessed us with are container homes. These fully customizable living spaces allow you to invest your personality in them. So, go ahead, turn a bare plot of land into an extraordinary home in just a short period of time. Break the shackles and escape from the everyday routine by creating an enthralling safe haven that provides everything you need in life. Calling something like that your own is many people’s dream come true, and something you can’t put a price tag on.

A great big thank you to Zoe Clark for providing this educational guest blog on container homes.

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John - great stuff! I just might get one myself

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James B. - It all sounds great, but what about insulation, temperature-wise?
It always seems to me that these container shelter homes would be super cold in the winter and super hot in the summer.

September 23, 2015 - 6:16 am

Kate Flannery - What a great idea! I’ve never seen container homes look so beautiful in real life, but this can’t be that difficult, right? I mean, how hard is it to paint your container a bright color and plant a garden around it and attach lanterns? :)

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Roxana - what a lovely article, time well spent!

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Playing with fire – Light your home in style

Having a fire feature in your house will surely light up your home in a style that exhudes warmth and comfort.  It will create ambience as well as functional heat in the cold of winter.  It is a focal point as well as a great place to congregate around.  Below are some need to know, basic fireplace  information and options that will surely light up your home.

Old school fireplaces

The house is a person’s living space, and a symbol of the family’s wealth and prosperity. In the center of the home used to be a fireplace/hearth as its main constituent part, and since it was in the center, its spiritual importance was high. Even today, in a time of central heating and LED lighting, people feel a certain tenderness and undeniable pleasure whenever they have the chance to be near a fireplace or fire pit. Therefore, it’s not surprising that many people still want decorative fireplaces in their houses, fire pits in their backyards, candles on their tables and the motif of fire in their homes in general.

Fireplaces are once more an absolute hit in home decor, because of the unique atmosphere they create. As they can heat only the room which they are used in, they serve as an additional method of heating. A fireplace can be installed in any sufficiently large area. Small spaces are not suitable because a lot of air is necessary for a nice, burning fire. A fireplace should have a separate chimney, which must not be in contact with a gas chimney. Rustic fireplaces are mostly made of brick, stone and wood. The most beautiful ones are open type fireplaces, located in the corner of the room; where there is a drain for the chimney, as it gives the impression of a miniature hearth.

fireplace 1


Modern fireplaces

Along with the classic variant of open fireplaces that use wood, closed electric and gas fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular. Although these latter variants cannot provide the natural beauty or the smell of real burning wood atmosphere, electric and gas fireplaces are great for maintenance – they don’t have to be lit up and cleaned every day, they have heat regulators, and, if necessary, they can be easily moved. Elegant straight lines fit well in all modern homes, as well as those that balance different styles, and together with heating, they can offer a genuine aesthetic pleasure. Fireplaces can be decorated with materials that withstand high temperatures and contribute to the overall look of the room and lighting effect; materials such as special glass like Blazing glass’ fire glass, stainless steel, brick, stone, etc.

Fireplace 2

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Hearth as a heart of any backyard

Hearths, or fire pits, are some of the most interesting decorative elements that can be found in someone’s backyard, and you can even build them yourself. If you are thinking about ways to enrich your outdoors, this is the right solution. Hearths can be different depending on your personal preferences and garden style. A stone fire pit with a semicircular bench will look nice in the garden surrounded by greenery. Metal pits are practical for small yards, because they can be easily put away, and geometrical concrete hearths can serve as tables when there’s no fire. With good company and a refreshing drink, in the comfort of your own garden or terrace, you can enjoy delicious food and precious moments under a clear, sunny sky or the warmth of the fire under the stars.

Fireplace 4


Image: Anthony Paul Landscape Design

Magical candle light

The appropriate selection of candles can bring a relaxing atmosphere to your home. Arranged candles inside the fireplace operate very effectively in this regard. Also, you could enjoy your bathroom lit only by candlelight. Mirror, as the basis for candles, will increase the amount of light and act very effectively. By combining the complementary colors of candles, you can achieve an interesting look. Moreover, you can choose the colors to compliment the current season. Candles can be placed in combination with floral arrangements, natural materials, or fabric of matching color. Their flickering light and unique smell will provide a dose of intimacy and a soothing atmosphere.

fireplace 3

Image: IM Lab Source

If it’s safe and stylish, decorate your home with flames. The presence of fireplaces, hearths, candles – dim fire light, can make any place feel cozier and more pleasant to live in.

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Easy design for your Home Office

Design Your Home Office Following Zen Principles

home-office 1

I often say to clients, “less is more.” I certainly feel that way in  office decor.  Wihout even realizing, can become quite chaotic very quickly.

If you’re a busy entrepreneur working from your home office and you need to up your productivity fast, perhaps it’s time for a thorough workspace overhaul and willingness to embrace some helpful new practices. Visual or audio distractions in the room can often act as obstacles to preservation of focus and cause energy blocks, ultimately affecting your normal day-to-day business and its productivity.

Initial Considerations

As you probably know, most home offices are not conductive to efficient workflow because of too many distracting elements and the proximity of your living space as an area in most cases associated with spare time, leisure and non-work related activities. Still, there is an easy way to increase your efficiency even when working from home while at the same time preserving your peace of mind, focus and peacefulness – it’s called Zen. As a philosophy and school of practice inherited from ancient eastern masters, Zen signifies unity of the mind and the body in the pursuit of higher knowledge and understanding through meditation, repose and quietude.

Home_office 3

I love how each shelf doesnt’ house too much “stuff” to clutter the look of the room.  Everything has a place.

According to a Zen studies society, it can be defined as “infinite gratitude to all things past, infinite service to all things present, and infinite responsibility to all things future”, and this spiritual approach can be effectively implemented in home office design to advance flexibility, openness, completeness, attunement and productivity of dealings in the house-based work area. Here, we bring you some useful tips on how to organize your home-based workspace to a most satisfactory outcome and reach the Zen state while pursuing your everyday business.

Defining the Use of Your Home-Based Workspace

The first thing you need to look at is the way you use your home office and how you can change that to ensure minimal distraction, improved focus and greater work success. Consider the activities you engage in during your business conduct at your home office, such as writing, editing, financial dealings, crafts, paperwork and similar. By briefly summarizing the essentials of your workflow, you will have a clear goal in terms of use of space to concentrate on when conducting your business.

allaboutinteriors-orgKeeping organized and clear of clutter is a key componant to a productive workspace.  I am loving the rug and mirrored table in this picture!

De-cluttering Your Work Area

One important aspect of any area you use daily is tidiness. Useless mess on your desk and the rest of you workspace is a distraction getting in the way of productive workflow and blocks uninterrupted energy flow. On top of looking grungy and terribly neglected, needless clutter in your home office is also highly unprofessional so clean out your desktop and drawers and throw away items you seldom use – this will eliminate blocks, streamline energy and encourage you to focus on the job objectives.

Being Systematic with Files, Documents and Supplies

Preserving focus is essential when handling significant projects and tasks, so to add a dash of Zen and/or feng shui to your home office, be systematic with papers, documents and files. Orderly financial sheets, contracts and bills will take your mind off commonplace concerns and allow you to be more relaxed, alert and productive. Use folders, binders and labels to organize paperwork and office supplies – in a neat room, energy flows more freely, contributing to higher productivity as well.

traditional-home-office 3I love the pops of bright color to keep the space from looking drab!

Adding Personal Touches

To ensure work efficiency while preserving a stress-free and comfortable environment, personalize your home-based workspace with accessories precious to you. Elements of individual style carefully arranged around the work area (e.g. photos, potted plants, inspirational quotes, wall art and other personal details) render a distinctive feel and energy to the room, which in turn boosts productivity, comfort and tranquility on a busy home office day, we learn from various office furniture suppliers.

Keeping up the Good Work

To ensure long-term flexibility, peace and productivity, set aside some extra time every day to carefully review your home office and consider potential modifications and adjustments in the room arrangement. Take 5-10 minutes at the beginning of your work day to declutter the room, make sure it is clean and orderly and rearrange furniture pieces or items getting in the way of the overall energy flow. Remember: preserving harmony in your home office is a process, and it takes continuous effort.

home-office 5Although I would recommend a throw rug or valance to introduce some color and warmth to the space, the cubbies do provide great storage.

To maximize productivity and efficiency of your work at home in the long run, a one-off spring cleaning, a handful of new furnishings thrown in from time to time and an occasional fresh paint number are just not enough. Like learning, meditation and understanding, conduct of business is also a process that requires patience, calmness and intense focus on the tasks and projects at hand, which is why the Zen philosophy can come in handy when designing your home office.

If you want to boost energy, work output and overall atmosphere of tranquility, purposefulness and service to other people and/or a higher goal, you should try and keep your home office clean, simple, meaningful, straightforward, orderly and inspiring. After all, harmony comes hand in hand with peace and contentment, which are inextricable from balance, well-being and success in all aspects of life, including business.

All comments are opinions of All About Interiors.  Please feel free to contact Melanie Langford of All About Interiors to create your efficient workspace.

Pictures are courtesy of Google Images.

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