The Extraordinary Transformations Of Your Child’s Bedroom- From Birth To College

Children grow up so fast and a child’s bedroom should change and grow with them as their needs change. As a baby and toddler, you never let them out of your sight. At preschool, you have to learn to give them a little more independence. And by the time they’re teens, you may not see them from one day to the next! Suddenly, they’re off to college, and they’re packing up their bedroom. How this room has transformed in eighteen years! If your little ones haven’t quite reached the point of flying the nest, here are just some of the transformations a child’s bedroom may go through:



Your tiny bundle of joy may spend more time in their Moses basket beside you than in their bedroom. But decorating the nursery is one of those most precious tasks an expectant mother can undertake. The beauty of the room will never match the beauty of your baby. But it will still be the cutest little room in the house. You may choose pink, blue, yellow, or something else. The color palette will be soft, and the images on the walls will inspire your newborn.


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The bed may be small, just a cot, or perhaps something that changes into a toddler bed later on. The bedding will be soft and perhaps feature cute characters. You may have a mobile to help focus your little one’s attention. This room must also be practical. You’ll be nursing and changing your baby in here at all hours of the day and night. A comfy rocking chair for you, some soft lighting, and a changing station cabinet could be ideal. Block out blinds are essential for a good daytime nap, but they needn’t be boring. Look for cute characters to delight your baby.



Once your little one starts toddling and walking, they will be able to climb out of the cot. This can lead to injuries so a toddler bed is essential. You can still put up a roll bar to prevent them rolling out in the night. You might keep the block out blinds and cute characters from the nursery for now. But the bedding might feature a favorite TV character. Toddler beds are shorter and narrower than a single, so the bedding will be smaller too.


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Some of your toddler’s favorite toys may be in the bed or in the room. Look for soft toy hammocks to help you keep the bed clear. Cute cupboards with colorful doors and knobs are ideal. Bolt furniture to the wall to prevent them toppling over if your toddler likes to climb or pull on things. Try to avoid shelves that can be reached at this age.



By now your little one is trying to become more independent. He needs to be as he will be spending more time away from you and in the company of others. Socializing is so important at this age. He may even want to show off his bedroom to his new pals. It’s up to you if you’re ready for at-home play dates. Toys upstairs will need to be considered more carefully now the stairgate is gone. Look for small toy boxes to help encourage your child to tidy up.


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Kids love TV characters like Thomas and Peppa Pig. They may delight in you coordinating their soft furnishings in these popular themes. But colors like blue or pink can be enough if you’re not keen on merchandise. Now is a great age for children to make their own pictures and posters to display. Allocate a board or wall where it’s OK for this to happen. Add a soft rug where they can sit and play.



As your child gets older, they will have more and more homework. They may be socializing more and developing close friendships with one or two other children. Sleepovers are more common too. You may have other children. Sharing a room is great fun, whether you need to or not. Bunk beds can be fun in a child’s room, adding to a theme, or offering more function to the room. A small desk and chair are essential now. Modular furniture can provide all you need if you want the style to match. Of course, a paintbrush could make an eclectic mix of vibrant colors to your taste.


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The TV characters and cute pictures may not be making way for pop posters. These can be presented in a stylish manner using frames and poster blocks. Coordinating a mish-mash of images isn’t going to be easy. Confining it to one area will allow your chosen style to shine through, keeping the room as you like it. However, some kids are quite will-full and your designs may no longer have a place in their room!



Some parents dread having to go into their teen’s bedroom. They worry about stale smells, dirty washing and a raft of other teen paraphernalia clogging up the room. This is an important age for a young person to assert their independence and personality. The bedroom is their private space to do this, trying out different styles of their own to find one that fits. Of course, if it’s affecting their sleep, you may be keen to intervene.


You can still be a part of this process. Making suggestions may not get you far. But supporting your child with shopping trips to the soft furnishings store, and exploring color palettes together can be a great way to bond. By now, the bunk or cabin beds are long gone. A larger double bed may be the seat, sofa, and lounging choice for your teen. By investing a little time and money into supporting their style, they may be inclined to keep it tidy and clean!


By the time your baby is ready to leave home, the bedroom may resemble a space you’d be happy to offer guests. There may be some gym equipment, extra hanging space, or an overspilling dresser in there, but it won’t be too off-putting for most. The decor will also have tamed toward something more grown-up. But all this may become a little deflating for a parent saying goodbye to their college-aged son. After all, this room has been through so many transformations. You might just put off your next decor project for a little while yet.


5 Easy Tips To Make A Small Space Seem Bigger

A small space doesn’t have to feel claustrophobic.    With a few small changes you can transform a cramped living space into a luxurious palace that feels spacious and inviting. Why not try a few of these tried and tested tricks to transform your small space into something that feels much grander?

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1. Mirrors

The old cliche is true, large statement mirrors really do help make a small space look bigger. Shop around for a chic style that suits your aesthetic and hang on a focal wall in your home. Not only does a big mirror help to reflect light back into the room, but it also creates an illusion of extra space.

2. Under bed storage

Make the most of everything you’ve got and use the space under your bed as an additional storage place. Anything you’re not using, such as winter clothing, can be packed away into space saving vacuum bags and stored under the bed to help clear out your wardrobe. Any additional items you can’t bring yourself to throw out but don’t have the space for can all be packed into neat boxes and hidden out of sight.

3. Clear your surfaces

Clutter on your work surfaces can quickly make a room feel dark and oppressive. Clean, neat worktops can instantly make a small space feel larger and lighter. Be brutally honest with yourself and let go of anything you don’t need. You can always sell off unnecessary items, or donate them to a local shelter or charity shop so they don’t go to waste. Keep spices and condiments on a wall shelf and organize your cupboards to make sure you’re making the best use of the space you have. Don’t hang on to the non perishables that have been there since you moved in! If you don’t need it, don’t keep it.

4. The right lighting

Small homes often suffer with bad lighting, thanks to small windows and low ceilings. Large chandeliers and traditional light fixtures can make the ceilings feel even lower and give a feeling of darkness. Rather than minimizing the space with a statement lampshade, you could try recessed lighting which opens up the room and makes it feel less cramped. Fairy lights or string lights are also a great touche and can be draped into dark corners to give the illusion of light.

5. Wall storage

If you’re restricted for floor space, vertical storage is the way to go. Not only is it the best way to make the most of what you have, but it’s also bang on trend. Use your walls creatively by picking up some floating shelves, vertical racks or even corner shelves to utilize every inch of space possible. You can store anything from books to cosmetics with a few crafty touches. Mason jars and vintage storage pots can be used creatively to give a touch of uniqueness.

Making small changes to your space can make such a huge difference to the way you view your home. Sometimes small really is beautiful.

Create the Perfect Media Room in 7 Steps

Media rooms are becoming more popular these days.  Entertainment and relaxation at home are crucial for unwinding and reducing stress. A media room is absolutely the perfect thing to help you do this. It’s a place you can retreat to after work and switch off your brain. But, if you want to make the most of it you’re going to need to design and create the perfect games room. And this takes time and effort on your part. Here are seven steps to take to help you create the perfect media room.

Choose the Room

The first thing you’re going to need to do is to choose the perfect room for your game room. This is something that requires a good amount of forethought and planning. You need to consider the space and the layout of the room you’re looking at. You’re going to need the optimum level of lighting and power points for all your devices and electrics. It should also be a room that’s tucked away so it doesn’t intrude on the rest of the home. A lot of people will convert the spare room into a game room. However, some people like to use the garage instead. You need to decide on the room you think would be the best to use.


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Extend if Necessary

A lot of the time you might find that there isn’t space in the property to create a game room. Or, at least, not one of an adequate size and shape. In this situation, you may want to look at you renovating and extending your home. You can make rooms bigger, or even create new space in the garage, or above it. This will allow you to customize your own game room to match the specs you want. It’s the perfect way of ensuring you’ve got enough room for all the stuff you want. Draw up plans and blueprints for the room you want. You should have an idea of what you want to go in the room, as this will help you determine the size and specifications of the extension.


It’s important to decorate the room according to how you want it. If you are using the garage, you’re going to need to insulate to keep it from getting too cold. And you’ll need to install power points and sockets as well. You could wallpaper the room, and use stickers and movie or game posters to make it feel more like a gaming room. It’s important to focus on the feel and design of the room. Try to make sure you decorate before you add any furniture of gaming apparatus into the room. You can really add your own personality, and make the room a place you’d like to hang out.

What Will Go in Your Game Room

It’s important for you to consider what you want to have in your game room. There are plenty of things to choose from, and it all depends on the kind of room you want. Of course, there should probably be some video games consoles in there for gaming. You need to make sure you have a big TV and a Blu-ray player. There are also other areas of entertainment you need to think about for your game room. For instance, you should check out the best air hockey table on the market, and look at pool tables. You want to kit out your game room and make it the perfect environment for entertaining yourself and company. It’s crucial to have somewhere you can relax can and unwind at home. And your game room can act as your own special domain away from the stresses and strains of everyday life. That’s why it’s so important to have one and to get it right.


Entertainment and refreshments go hand in hand these days. You should have plenty of space to enjoy snacks if possible. The best bet would be to put a fridge in the room. That way you will be able to stock up on beer and snacks for when people come over. If you want your buddies round to watch the game you need a full fridge. You can head for the media room and be out of the family’s hair. That’s why you need to make sure you think about refreshments as much as possible. A fridge, and possibly even a microwave, will be a unique and exciting touch to your room.



Think about the furniture you will need to have in your media room. You’ll probably need a desk or TV unit for the television and computer consoles. It’s also crucial that you have comfortable seating. A sofa would be ideal, as well as a La-Z-Boy and other comfy seating. This is a vital part of what helps to make the ultimate media room. You have to understand that the purpose of you, and your friends, spending time in here is to relax. You need to chill out and unwind, and this provides the perfect space to do that. This is why furniture is so important, and it needs to be as comfortable and accessible as possible.

Invite Friends Over

Once you have the ultimate gaming setup you can start to utilize it. That means you should start inviting friends over to hang out with you. The point of setting up a media room is so you can invite over your buddies and enjoy some gaming, or watching some sports together. Try to make it a regular thing, and invite people over once a month or something. This is now perfect because you have a location you can use that is perfectly suited for all your entertainment needs. And you don’t have to go out somewhere that’s going to cost you a lot of money.

The perfect home will also include the perfect gaming room as well. This is something that many people are adding to their homes these days. So, you should try to make the most of it by creating the ultimate game room for your home. You can follow this guide to help you achieve an awesome and perfect media room.

Surprising Things You May Be Missing From Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of my favorite places to decorate in the home. You can make it truly unique with beautiful fixtures and finishes. Here are some surprising things you may be missing from your kitchen to make it look superb.

A beautiful kitchen island

If you have the space, you should consider adding an island to the room. The highly sought after feature is a must and will be a good selling point when you decide to move. It’s a useful feature as it provides a great work space where you can prepare and cook food. You can also get islands which have space for dining and storage. It can double up as a breakfast bar so that you can enjoy food without having to sit around the dining table. Before fitting one, you need to ensure you have enough clearance zone between the cabinets and the island. That way, you have a safe environment to move around. If your room is small, it still might be worth speaking with an interior designer about fitting one. As this article explains, you can get a small 1000mm x 1000mm island which would still look appealing and offer an additional area to prepare food.



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Down lights above your work surfaces


A lot of people add spotlights in their kitchen to ensure the room is properly lit when preparing and consuming food. But to add visual interest to the room, you should consider adding some down lights above the work surfaces. It will be incredibly helpful when you are making food in the evening. You will find plenty of interior lighting such as down lights online or in stores.


Pagani under cabinet lighting

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A freestanding pantry


It’s ideal to have a walk-in pantry where you can hold all your tins and kitchen essentials. But a lot of us aren’t in the position to afford or have space for a separate pantry. Therefore, a great idea which is gaining popularity is a freestanding pantry in the home. It can go in- between cabinets so that you have easy access to essential items. As we talked about previously, you can use it to keep snacks for the kids. It’s also ideal for making the kitchen look bigger than it is. It’s worth it if you have always wanted a pantry, but never have had space.

Pagani pantry vertical

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Beautiful flooring


A lot of people are so busy installing beautiful cabinets and work surfaces in their kitchen that they forget to change the floor. Having a great kitchen floor can boost the room’s appeal and is an ideal way of separating the kitchen diner areas. You should choose the style and color the same time as you are choosing your cabinets. That way, it will ensure everything matches and looks beautiful. Tiles are often a good choice if you want something which is durable and adds color to your kitchen. While natural wood flooring is a very popular and can be stained if you desire.

Best Horizontal Berlin Ktichen

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Adding the above elements to your kitchen and hiring an interior designer to make sure they all work nicely together will make your kitchen look stunning!




Why You May Not Be Getting Enough Sleep: Your Bedroom May Be The Cause!

On average, you should update your bedroom once every two to three years. Of all the rooms in your home, your bedroom is by far the most important, as it’s your personal and private retreat from the world. You share the rest of your home with your family and guests, but your bedroom is your private space. Hence why it’s so important that it’s somewhere that you love, and that appeals to you in terms of the style and decor.


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Because bedrooms are private spaces, a lot of people make the mistake of not investing in them. However, it pays to spend money making your bedroom a beautiful sleeping space. Still not convinced that your room is worth investing in? Below are a few reasons why everyone needs a bedroom that they love, as well as some suggestions for the best ways to go about creating one.


Reasons to invest in your bedroom:


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You’ll sleep better. If your bedroom is a space that you love, you’ll feel happy and content while in there and because of this will be more relaxed. This will, in turn, mean that you’ll sleep better. The more comfortable in a space you feel, the more likely you are to sleep well.


Your mood will be improved. When you’re in a room that visually appeals to you and meets your decor tastes and style, you’ll feel happier. And so, if your bedroom is designed and decorated in a way that you love, you’ll start and end each day in a better mood. You know that saying, ‘you’ve woken up on the wrong side of the bed’? Well, it should be, ‘you’ve woken up in the wrong style of bedroom’. It’s amazing the impact something as small as the wrong color scheme being used can have on your mood.


How to make your bedroom beautiful:


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Select a color scheme that you love. To ensure that your bedroom is a space that you love, it’s important to select a color scheme that appeals to you. Just remember that for a bedroom, pastel-hued colors or neutral tones are best to use. This is because these are the colors that tend to be the most relaxing and calming. However, if you prefer bright and bold tones, you can opt to use them. It’s just that the space won’t be as relaxing.


Be choosy about your furniture. If you want your bedroom to be a beautiful space, it’s crucial that you’re choosy about the furniture. Look for pieces that work in harmony with each other and the style of the space. It’s not just a case of picking out random pieces, you need to select items that are within your budget, will last well, and are of a similar style. If your bed frame itself doesn’t need replacing, you may still need a new mattress. The good news is that mattresses don’t have to be expensive, as you can get high-quality discount mattresses online. In fact, you can get various items for low prices online, so take the time to shop around.


Personalize the space with accessories. Last but not least, to make your bedroom beautiful, it’s crucial that you personalize it. The best and easiest way to do this is with the use of a few well thought out accessories that work well with the decor and style of the space. Think bedding, rugs, curtains, wall art, and cute little ornaments. Oh, and don’t forget to dot a few of your favorite photos around.


It pays to invest in your bedroom and make it a space that you love, as it will allow you to sleep better. And also, start and end the day in a happier and more content mood.  For assistance with designing your own personal bedroom retreat, contact All About Interiors in CT