Interesting Ways to Improve How Your Home Exterior Looks

You want your home’s exterior to look as good as it possibly can because most people will judge your home by how it looks on the outside.  They say that you should never judge a book by its cover but most do and if your home exterior is looking shabby, trust me, people will judge. Here are some interesting ways to make the most of how your home looks.


Install Modern Windows


Old and out of date windows tend to stand out on a property. If they are not in keeping with the modern appearance of the rest of your home, they can look even worse. So, you should make sure that your windows fit in with the overall style of your home and garden. By replacing old ones with windows that are fresh and modern, you can make the home look completely different. You won’t have to worry about what people walking by think about them. And you will also see the benefits of reduced street noise and better insulation when you have modern windows in place.


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Use a Visually Appealing Fence


Fences have two functions when they’re placed in your garden. To begin with, they have to offer a level of security. They’re there to keep people off your property. But just because something is used for security purposes, that doesn’t mean that it can’t look good too. And that’s the second function of fences. They have to make the home look appealing and attractive when people see it from the outside. You can make use of something like Fencemakers custom screen fencing if you want to improve how your garden fence looks.


Renovate Your Old Garage


Old garages that have been out of use for decades never look very good. In fact, they can really stand out and make your home’s exterior look poor and unkempt. So, you should think about renovating your old garage and turning it into a space that is both useful and attractive. You could add an entirely new and useful space to your premises if you find something interesting to do with it. It could become a storage space or a place where you go to take on DIY tasks. It doesn’t really matter what you choose to do with it, but clean it up and install a new door to make it look fresh and new.

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Freshen Up the Roof


One of the things that you look at first when you see a home from the outside is the roof. You won’t want people to look up and see a roof that has tiles sliding off and all kinds of other problems too. So, you should do what you can to freshen up the roof. You can have the whole roof places with a more modern and fresh design if you like. The benefit of this is that it will make the whole home look like new, and that can’t be a bad thing for you. Simply cleaning down the old tiles and replacing any that are broken or damaged can have a big impact on how the home looks too.

How Anybody Can Make A Small Bathroom Better And Appear Bigger

If you’ve got a small bathroom, you’ll know that fitting everything in is next to impossible. Even the most intrepid bathroom designer have to dig deep to overcome a series of profound challenges. First off, there’s providing enough space for the toilet. The people who designed most of our bathrooms seem to have calculated the space we need, down to the exact inch. And it means that making any changes is next to impossible. Then there’s the problem of coordinating the toilet with the sink and the bath. And finally, there’s the problem of figuring out where the heck everything is going to go.


But none of these are challenges that can’t be overcome. Here’s how anybody can make their small bathroom better.


Install A Corner Sink


Sinks are a surefire way to disrupt the flow of the room. Pedestal sinks, in particular, can be a waste of space and jut out where you least want them too. One way of making a sink more compact is to build it into the corner of a room. So-called corner sinks are an excellent way of using otherwise unused space. And they often come with cupboards underneath to stow any unsightly items, like toilet bleach.


Use A Shower Curtain Or Sliding Door


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In the 1980s Japan was in the throes of an economic transformation. Millions of people were piling into the cities. And designers had to come up with a way of economizing on space. They came up with the sliding door. But unfortunately, the invention didn’t hit the big time over in the UK and Europe.


Sliding doors, as it turns out, are ideally suited for small bathrooms. They can be used to replace swing out doors on showers. And they can even be used on the door to the bathroom itself. Either way, if you have a small bathroom, a seamless glass shower will give the appearance of the room being larger than it is.  If you don’t want to install a new door, shower curtains are also a great way to save on space.


Invest In A Pod


Bathroom pods are all the rage right now. Essentially, they’re bathrooms that are made in the factory, but that you can install in your home. If you’ve only got a small amount of space, fitting everything you want into a traditional bathroom can be difficult. Pods offer a potential solution. They’ve been refined over multiple iterations. And they’re designed to maximize the use of space.


Put The Towel Bar On The Door


When space is at a premium, finding space for the towel rack can be difficult. Most people resort to one of those cheap towel racks you hook onto the radiator. But even these can obstruct space in claustrophobic bathroom spaces.


The solution? Put the towel bar on the back of the bathroom door.


Your Sink 


Many people have narrow bathrooms, especially if the only thing that they house is a toilet. Getting past the sink can, again, be difficult in these situations. So it’s clear that traditional sinks with pedestals need a redesign.


What You Need to Know About Changing the Exterior Doors on Your Home

There are numerous reasons for wanting to change the exterior doors on your home. Maybe you simply want a style update. Or perhaps you want to bolster the security of your home with stronger doors. Whatever your reason is, here’s what you need to know about doing the job properly.


Select the New Door and Ensure it Fits


To begin with, you’ll need to select the door that’s going to replace your old one. It should have the qualities and components that you’re looking for. Next, you’ll have to measure your existing frame and compare it to the size of the door. You can make changes to the frame, so don’t worry if the frame is slightly too big or small. As long as the difference is relatively small, the door should be able to fit once changes are made.


Remove the Old Door

Depending on which door you chose, you might need to remove the frame and insert a new one. This should be done first. But whether this is the case or not, you will need to remove the old door. It’s a simple case of unscrewing the hinges for most doors. But it can be difficult if you have a door that is already quite bulky and secure. You might need professional assistance if you’re having trouble with this.


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Prepare the Frame and Weatherproof It


You’ll need to make sure that any changes to the door frame are made before you try to fit the door. Make sure that the frame is the correct size and the new door will be able to fit inside the frame comfortably. You should add some caulk to the base of the frame on either side. This will help to weatherproof the frame, which will be important in the months and years ahead. You want it to remain in good condition for a long time to come.


Insert the Door and Shims


When it comes to fitting the door, first of all, you should have a trial run. This is when you put the door in place but don’t secure it yet. It should allow you to check that everything fits and that there are no problems. When that’s done, you can add the shims. These take the place of the hinges, so arrange them where you think it will be best to put the hinges later on.


Secure It and Install New Locks


You can then secure the hinges. It doesn’t matter what kind of hinges you use, but there are some options that are more secure than others. Test the swing of the door when the hinges are in place and make any changes if necessary. Then you can move onto the safety features. This includes fitting new locks. You can help with this from companies like Lock, Stock & Farrell Locksmiths. You might want to add extra bolts and even electronic security features too.


Insulate the Frame


Finally, you can add some insulation to the frame of the door. This stops heat from escaping from the home during the winter. It’s a clever way of keeping your bills down and not wasting energy. So, it’s the perfect way to finish off the job.

Cook Up A Storm In Style: This Season’s Hottest Kitchen Trends

For many of us, the kitchen is the most important room in the house. Here, we chat, eat, catch up and spend time together. If you’re planning to update or renovate your kitchen, you may be looking for inspiration. In this case, look no further. Here are some of this season’s hottest kitchen trends to get you thinking and help you plan the kitchen of your dreams.


White kitchens revamped

White is a really popular shade for the kitchen, but this season, it’s had a revamp. Softer pastels are a great alternative if you’re looking for a more homey feel. White can be clinical, so go for duck egg blue, gray or pale green. Keep things light and maximize space with white accessories. If you’re painting the walls gray, for example, white vases, storage tins, and plant pots will look fantastic.


Storage problems sussed

Nobody wants to wade through piles of clutter to get to the kitchen counter. Today, we often use kitchens for many purposes. By the end of the day, we may be surrounded by pots and pans, homework books and toys. Thankfully, storage problems are a thing of the past thanks to innovative solutions. If you’re using a kitchen designer to plan your new kitchen, investigate pull-out drawers and folding shelves. You can choose everything from your kitchen drawer runners to the type of shelves you have, so explore all the options. You’ll be amazed at what you can do even in a tiny kitchen. Make use of your wall space and height of the room. Wall-mounted cabinets are excellent for storing food and pots and pans. If you’re into the country look, hang pans or utensils from wall hooks.


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Brass and bronze are back

For years, kitchen designs have focused heavily on stainless steel appliances, fixtures, and fittings. This season, there’s an 80’s revival and bronze and brass are back. These materials look great with solid wood worktops and retro shades like coral and turquoise. Copper is also incredibly popular, and it’s a fantastic choice for autumn. You can embrace this trend very easily with touches like colored kettles, key holders, and spice racks.

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Grow your own

Plants are everywhere this year, and the kitchen is an excellent place to add some greenery. You can scatter houseplants around shelves and surfaces or try and grow your own herbs. Plants make your rooms look fresh and clean, and they also have benefits for your health. Plants clean the air, and they’re also proven to boost your mental health. If you’re not a green-fingered maestro, you’ll find some really useful tips and hints online.


If you are in the CT area and would like All About Interiors to help you renovate your kitchen, please contact us!


Everything You Need To Know To Keep Your Home Free of Bugs

As the weather starts to get colder, bugs pests and vermin will be starting to look for sheltered areas in which to hibernate. Unfortunately, your home will look exceptionally inviting to them!  Thankfully, there are multiple ways you can protect your property and keep it free from any bugs or pests. Interested to know all my tips? Then read on!




Clean Out Your Kitchen Cupboards


Over time, lots of dust and small food debris can build up in the corner of your kitchen cupboards. Especially in the ones in which you keep all your pots and pans. So it is important to regularly clean these out. If you don’t grease and small scraps of food will build up. These will eventually attract lots of pests and mice into your cupboards. You may get a shock when you open your cupboard and are greeted by a little mouse! Therefore, make sure your cupboards are always clean and not collecting any tiny dirt that pests could eat.


Clean Your Linen


You should also clean all your linen and towels as often as possible. This is very important if you have pets, as it can help to cut down the risk of fleas spreading to your family. Making sure your bed linen is regularly changed is also a very effective bed bug control. If you ever think that you have an infestation of fleas or bed bugs in your home, wash all of your linen and towels at a very high heat.


Check Kitchen And Bathroom Pipes


Another really important point to remember is that bugs and other pests won’t be able to survive in your house if they don’t have access to water. One of the most common ways that they get water is through leaky pipes. Usually, it is because the pipes are loose at the joint and need tightening up. Double check all the pipes in your kitchen and bathroom to make sure that they aren’t letting out any water. Even the smallest drop will eventually create a small pool that pests and vermin can drink from.


Rehang Doors


Over time, wooden doors can lose their shape through use and age. This can create tiny gaps in between the door and the frame. If these occur in entry doors into your home, small bugs could easily enter your property. Take a look at your doors and see if they need rehanging. This is a very easy way to ensure there are no more gaps.


Keep Food Covered


Make sure any food left out in your kitchen is always covered up. Then pests won’t be able to see or smell it. It is also a good idea to empty your waste bin in your kitchen every day. If you leave it for a few days, the waste food could attract animals and pests into your kitchen.


If you use these tips, you shouldn’t ever have a problem with any kind of pests, bugs or vermin. So you and your family won’t be surprised by finding unwanted house guests!