Consider Renovating and Extending Your Home Instead of Moving

For a lot of us, renovating can make more sense rather than selling our homes and moving. We might want a larger home and more space. But quite often we are established in the area we live in. It might be close to work, schools as well as family and friends. So more and more of us are renovating the space that we already have. It can add more value to your home when you do this too. One large space that a lot of us have is a garage. If you are after some more space, it could be worth converting it. Here are some ideas to inspire you.



First of all, you need to think about is what is already in the garage. Are there some things that can’t be moved? If you have bikes and power tools, can they be moved a shed? If there is just a refrigerator, you can always keep that in there and work around it.




What room does the garage lead off from? If it is from the kitchen, you could make it into an extension of the kitchen. Eat in Kitchens are a hot commodity so it would certainly work. You will need to see if it is possible to change the doorway area. You would want to get rid of the internal door to make the space more open. Could you create an archway of the space? You want to soften the look of the garage area so that it doesn’t just look like a boxy converted garage.


Could you use the space as an extra living area? Quite a lot of people convert a garage into something like a games room, especially if they have teenagers. So think about what might fit in there. Storage units is a great idea to store books, DVDs, and games. If you want to have a television, then a wall mounted one is a good idea. Then you could get a storage area for things like games consoles. A coffee table is a good idea for a games room or extra living space. Then just think about getting plenty of comfy sofas and beanbags. Gaming chairs would be amazing in there too. It would make it look modern and funky.


If there is going to be more than just some power tools or a refrigerator in the garage, then it might be a good idea to get new doors. You will want ones that are more secure; especially if you have things like snooker tables and games consoles in there. You could browse some styles from somewhere like Then you can see what your options are and what it would all cost.


You might want to use the space as a laundry or utility room. Having all of the laundry and washing machines out of sight can be handy. Then you can just focus on keeping all of the ironing and laundry sorting in one room. How nice would it be to close the door on it all? Light colors would work well for a laundry room, as well as a tiled floor. For some more ideas for converting a garage, have a look at

For help in converting your garage into livable space or for any renovations on your home contact All About Interiors.

What You Should Know Before You Source Your Renovations Materials

From the renovation of your bathroom to updating your backyard, you can’t do it without the right materials. Renovating and decorating are all about getting the right materials for the job so that you are proud of the final result. When you don’t buy responsibly, you can’t turn your dream into a reality. As you can see, there is a lot more that goes into sourcing materials than going to the hardware store. Anyone that wants to take home improvement seriously needs to know the tricks of the trade before they make a grave error in judgement.


Research What You Need


It is amazing how many people just assume that they need materials. Without any information, they decide that this material or that material is the one for the job. When they get it home, they realize their mistake. But, it is too late by then as they have already made the purchase. Please don’t be one of these people because as it will cost you time and money. And, time and money are commodities that you can’t afford to waste. Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure the materials are integral to your project. All it takes is a good Google search. In fact, it will even show you where to buy the materials.


Know Your Suppliers


No one likes to point the finger, but there are suppliers that will take you for a ride. The industry isn’t one that you can afford to trust without having reason to have trust in the first place. Otherwise, you could end up losing a lot of money. It isn’t cynical to think like this because it is responsible. That is why you want to know your suppliers before you make a deal. For example, products like Kenyon Group industrial adhesives have a great reputation. And, they have the testimonials to back up their reputation. As long as your suppliers can do the same, you will avoid any silly mistakes.


There Is Always A Cheaper Price


Don’t think that you can’t find your materials at a lower rate anywhere else. The truth is that you can always find a cheaper supplier if you put in the time and effort. But, you have to make sure that the decline in price doesn’t result in a decline in quality. Otherwise, there is no point in making the switch in the first place. One alternative is to ask your current supplier for a discount. That way, you don’t have to leave and they can keep your custom. Any long serving customers deserve a discount, so there is no harm in asking.





Try Before You Buy


If you don’t try it, you will never know if it is going to hold up under pressure. Of course, you can’t damage the material. But, you can ask for them to give you a preview so that you know it is legitimate. There are certain items that demand a check before you put your hand in your pocket, a car being the main one. Materials aren’t on that list, but you should add them if you want to source the best ones possible.


Now that you know the tricks of the trade, you can be confident that you will source the best materials.  Until next time… happy renovations!



Four Ways To Make Moving Into A New Home Easier

Moving into a new home soon? Stop making your life harder unnecessarily! Here are four ways you might be doing just that, and how to fix it!



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1) Not hiring a packing and removal company

There are two mistakes you could be making here. Firstly, are you planning on moving your items yourself? If you only have a car, that will take you so many journeys! Also, petrol or diesel costs will be high, and even higher because your car will be heavy. Hire a removal company and make your life a lot easier! There will be enough other stuff going on on move-day without needing to think about that!

Secondly, are you going to hire a removal company… but pack yourself? Instead, see if the company you are using for the removal offer a packing service also. Why? Because it will shock you just how long it can take to pack up a single room… let alone a whole house! Draft in professionals to do the packing and it will be done quicker, easier, and everything will be safer also.


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2) Taking on renovations alone

You have two options of how and when you do renovations on your new home. You could do them once you take ownership but before moving in. Stall your move-in date and continue living in your current place while the work is being done. Or, do renovations once you’ve moved in. Talk through the best option for you with a professional interior design company. Then, let them do the work. Trying to renovate your new home alongside all the normal challenge of daily life is far too much work to take on! Use an interior design gallery like this to give them an idea of what you want, and then leave them to it. The experts will give it a far more professional look and finish. After all, they’re the experts.


3) Fitting your own floors

You may have picked your floors partly because of how easy to sellers have claimed they are to fit. But be warned. Fitting floors is no piece of cake- if it were, there would be no such thing as floor fittings. Plus, if you don’t know what you are doing, you may fit them wrong. What might this mean you ask? Well, fitting floors in an incorrect manner can entirely invalidate their warranty! Don’t risk it, and spend that little extra to get the job done properly. They will also last far longer, meaning you’ll make your money back in the long-run.


4) Refusing help from your friends

Many of us are so polite that we would never want to ask even our closest friends and family for help. Even if they do offer, we say ‘no, it will be fine, we’ll manage!’. Stop turning down offers of help. That is what our friends and family are for. Even just one extra pair of hands can make a phenomenal amount of difference when it comes to moving house. They don’t even necessarily have to help with the house move. They could just take on an evening of babysitting, or lend you their car for a day! Let your friends and family help and take some of the weight off your shoulders. You can repay the favor in the future, and for now, just give them a bunch of flowers and some wine to say thanks!


I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s blog post and got some time saving tips for when you are moving.  For help with your interiors, contact Melanie Langford at All About Interiors.

Is It Time For A Bathroom Makeover?

If your bathroom is outdated, inefficient and blah, it may be that time for a bathroom makeover.  Bathrooms are a pretty big deal. Everyone wants to have a nice one and feel good when they are in there. When people look around new homes, one of the most important rooms that they look at is the bathroom. They want it to be practical but stylish. One of the things they look for is how much work needs doing to it. Everyone wants to have their perfect bathroom but wants to have it without having to change every aspect.


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Think of the Sink


There are two options when it comes to the sink. You could choose a freestanding sink or one that is integrated into a vanity unit. In my opinion, the best option to for is an integrated one. It can hide a multitude of sins as you can store all of your things in the drawers and cupboards. So it is key for having an orderly and tidy bathroom. Then you get extra space to put things too. If it was a freestanding sink, there isn’t space to put anything around it. It is a good idea to get a powerful faucet, which runs both hot and cold at once. Having faucets that run hot and cold separately is always a little awkward.


Think of the Shower


If you are going to choose a bath or a shower, then I think you need to go for a shower. If you were only going to have one, then a shower is the way to go. Showers work best in smaller bathrooms too. Sadly not all of us have lavish and large bathrooms. If you are going to have just a shower, it might be making the whole of one wall a shower. It would be a large and spacious shower. A large waterfall showerhead is a perfect option for this type of shower. Then think of getting a large glass shower surround to make the shower look super stylish.


Think about the Lighting


Lighting is so important in a bathroom. It can make the room look much larger, brighter and sparkly. Recessed lights are a fantastic option for bathrooms. They create light for every part of the room. Choosing something like a pendant light isn’t the best option in a bathroom, in my opinion. They only have the light over one area of the room so it is better to spread it all around. You use the bathroom for things like your skin, hair and makeup, so you want the lighting to be the best it can be. If you can get lighting around the mirror area, then it will look even more amazing and also be more efficient when grooming. Along the lines of lighting, make sure that the bathroom has a large window. You want it to let in a lot of natural light.


Do you have anything in particular that you would love in your dream bathroom? There are so many options. Many people might prefer a freestanding bathtub, for example. It just screams luxury and is good for younger children too. So it all depends on the space available.
Double sinks are still popular, would you choose to go single or double?  Please contact All About Interiors for your next bathroom makeover.

Keeping Your Home Cool This Summer

The summer is almost upon us, and we’ve already had some nice weather in recent weeks but it’s bound to get much hotter and you’ll want to keep your home cool this summer.  Your home is going to get mighty hot at certain periods this summer, and you need to be ready for it. Otherwise, it’s going to be sticky and uncomfortable and for some, a health risk. Fortunately, it isn’t too difficult to prepare for this, so let’s have a look at few ways to get your home ready. 




Get An Air Conditioning System


The most obvious way to keep your home cool in the summer is to get an air conditioning system. You might have one of these already. If you don’t, start looking at the options available to you. You want something that is relatively inexpensive, but also that can get the job done. There’s no point buying something that will break down within weeks of using it. If you’ve got already got one, now is the time to make sure it is fit for use. Carry out any maintenance that is needed before the summer arrives.


Install Fans
If you don’t want to use an air con system, the next best step is to use a fan. There are lots of different types of fans depending on what you want. For example, you could get quorum fans to go on the ceiling. Alternatively, you could get a stand-up fan that sits in the corner of the room from If you don’t like the sound of either of these options, you could even get a desk fan. Some fans can actually be plugged into the USB port on your laptop so you can work and keep yourself cool at the same time.


Keep Yourself Cool

Speaking of keeping yourself cool, let’s focus on this topic for a moment. Your home will get hot without a doubt, and you can’t prevent that entirely. What you can do, however, is make sure your body temperature doesn’t rise too much with it. By this, I mean making sure you’re drinking plenty of liquids (water!) to cope with the rise in temperature. Eat and drink the right things, and you’ll find that you don’t feel the heat half as much.


Shut The Blinds


Believe it or not, leaving the blinds open during the day in the summer makes your room much hotter. The best thing to do if possible is to leave the blinds closed. This is especially the case if you’re not going to be in the house. That said, when the night draws in, you’ll want to open the windows in the bedroom to let in the night air. You’ll get a nice breeze, and the temperature should drop a little before the morning.

Speaking of blinds, please contact All About Interiors for some nice window covering to keep the hot sun out!