Pet-Friendly Home Design Ideas

Pet-Friendly Home: Great Design Ideas

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  1. Emma says:

    I didn’t realize just how many breakable things were in my home until I got two little kittens. They have a special sense of the most breakable and valuable things in my home and run at full speed right at them, I swear. Or they’ll look you in the eye as they push vases off of tables. Definitely think about your decor before you get pets!
    I also wish I didn’t have carpet in every room. As they have been litter box training, my local carpet cleaner has become my best friend! I just learned that if you don’t clean up an accident right away and completely, they’ll just keep using the same spot over and over again! And it’s hard to get urine out of carpets! I wish I had tile instead!

    1. Hi, Yes, when you have pets, there’s lots to consider. Wood flooring or tile is great for pet-friendly homes. But those pets are so cute & cuddly aren’t they? Hope to see you back soon! ~Melanie

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