Playing with fire – Light your home in style

Having a fire feature in your house will surely light up your home in a style that exhudes warmth and comfort.  It will create ambience as well as functional heat in the cold of winter.  It is a focal point as well as a great place to congregate around.  Below are some need to know, basic fireplace  information and options that will surely light up your home.

Old school fireplaces

The house is a person’s living space, and a symbol of the family’s wealth and prosperity. In the center of the home used to be a fireplace/hearth as its main constituent part, and since it was in the center, its spiritual importance was high. Even today, in a time of central heating and LED lighting, people feel a certain tenderness and undeniable pleasure whenever they have the chance to be near a fireplace or fire pit. Therefore, it’s not surprising that many people still want decorative fireplaces in their houses, fire pits in their backyards, candles on their tables and the motif of fire in their homes in general.

Fireplaces are once more an absolute hit in home decor, because of the unique atmosphere they create. As they can heat only the room which they are used in, they serve as an additional method of heating. A fireplace can be installed in any sufficiently large area. Small spaces are not suitable because a lot of air is necessary for a nice, burning fire. A fireplace should have a separate chimney, which must not be in contact with a gas chimney. Rustic fireplaces are mostly made of brick, stone and wood. The most beautiful ones are open type fireplaces, located in the corner of the room; where there is a drain for the chimney, as it gives the impression of a miniature hearth.

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Modern fireplaces

Along with the classic variant of open fireplaces that use wood, closed electric and gas fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular. Although these latter variants cannot provide the natural beauty or the smell of real burning wood atmosphere, electric and gas fireplaces are great for maintenance – they don’t have to be lit up and cleaned every day, they have heat regulators, and, if necessary, they can be easily moved. Elegant straight lines fit well in all modern homes, as well as those that balance different styles, and together with heating, they can offer a genuine aesthetic pleasure. Fireplaces can be decorated with materials that withstand high temperatures and contribute to the overall look of the room and lighting effect; materials such as special glass like Blazing glass’ fire glass, stainless steel, brick, stone, etc.

Fireplace 2

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Hearth as a heart of any backyard

Hearths, or fire pits, are some of the most interesting decorative elements that can be found in someone’s backyard, and you can even build them yourself. If you are thinking about ways to enrich your outdoors, this is the right solution. Hearths can be different depending on your personal preferences and garden style. A stone fire pit with a semicircular bench will look nice in the garden surrounded by greenery. Metal pits are practical for small yards, because they can be easily put away, and geometrical concrete hearths can serve as tables when there’s no fire. With good company and a refreshing drink, in the comfort of your own garden or terrace, you can enjoy delicious food and precious moments under a clear, sunny sky or the warmth of the fire under the stars.

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Image: Anthony Paul Landscape Design

Magical candle light

The appropriate selection of candles can bring a relaxing atmosphere to your home. Arranged candles inside the fireplace operate very effectively in this regard. Also, you could enjoy your bathroom lit only by candlelight. Mirror, as the basis for candles, will increase the amount of light and act very effectively. By combining the complementary colors of candles, you can achieve an interesting look. Moreover, you can choose the colors to compliment the current season. Candles can be placed in combination with floral arrangements, natural materials, or fabric of matching color. Their flickering light and unique smell will provide a dose of intimacy and a soothing atmosphere.

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If it’s safe and stylish, decorate your home with flames. The presence of fireplaces, hearths, candles – dim fire light, can make any place feel cozier and more pleasant to live in.

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